Today, facility management has evolved and carries a comprehensive list of tasks. It also includes deriving as much value from a facility as possible. Facilities today are larger and more complicated. They also rely on computerized and electronic support systems. Such things require constant supervision and repair. There is a lot of emphasis on operational efficiency.

Ardent Facility Services offers facility management services that are at par with international standards. We employ facilities managers in both the private and public sectors. The services offered are in office buildings, retail buildings, schools, hospitals, or any other large premises. They take care and manage day-to-day security, cleaning and maintenance to managing refurbishment for several organizations. Some of the other tasks handled include financial forecasting/budgeting, property acquisition and/or disposal, planning and overseeing building work/renovation, lease management, allocating and managing space within buildings, managing building maintenance activities, coordinating cleaning, catering and parking services, organizing security and general administrative services, ensuring that facilities meet government regulations and environmental, health and security standards, advising on energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness, and supervising multi-disciplinary teams of staff including maintenance, grounds and custodial workers.