Ardent Facility is also engaged in detective work or investigation. We have a Detective Agency that can detect any missing person or conduct personal investigation work. We have the best and military trained investigators who are capable of solving small or big cases in record time. Our agency is expert in all types of investigation services and at competitive prices. AFS has solved many governments and non- governments cases successfully and saved many people from fraud, theft, and cheating. We also undertake all types of criminal cases and are widely known for solving complex cases in India.

We also offer personal, corporate, and industry-level investigation. Our team consists of expert and sharp detectives who never disappoint the clients. They work on a preplanned strategy to find out information using all latest and high-tech gadgets.

Some other services offered are pre/post marital investigations, personal investigation, political investigation, criminal investigation, tracing missing people, divorce cases, surveillance, fraud investigation, forensic investigation, cyber investigation, IPR investigations, and also business background checks.