There is increase in the number of companies which prefer Payroll outsourcing services. The reasons behind this is that it not only saves time and resources in the form of staff deployment; but also make sure to get an error-free payroll process. Outsourced companies are handling the job with perfection as they are having the industry best professionals with them having specialization in payroll management. It is quite clear that to hire payroll outsourcing services agency will surely be a smart move for you.

Ardent Facility Services is offering high quality payroll outsourcing services in order to support companies in eliminating the administrative burden involved in payroll management. Our sole mission is to give you the space and time to invest in critical business activities which needs your attention. We managed to create a niche for us in the industry and in particular for this service as we are having several years of expertise in this domain. Banking on our services will surely give you the chance to boost your business and build a competitive position for your business in the industry.

Our payroll outsourcing team can support your business to follow all rules which are associated with payroll and will make sure to avoid any type of computation errors. As mentioned, our services are error free and give the guarantee to offer the service against a competitive price. We are located in Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat, Gandhidham.

• Data migration
• Structuring of Salary and corporate benefits
• Setting employee masters
• Issuing Pay slip
• Preparation of Statutory reports
• Employee query management
• Client query management
• Preparation of Form 16 and Form 25
• IT Computation
• Checking of declaration documents and proofs
• Pay registers
• Leave report maintenance
• Bank advice report maintenance
• IT reports and others